“Thank you for all your wonderful advice and patience and for sticking with me throughout this whole time.  I so needed you, and I don’t usually need anybody – but I sure did need you.  Thank you, you dear wonderful person.”-Susan, Birth Mother

“After 39 years of wondering, the birth mother of my son and I decided we should try to find him. I won’t go into all the reasons we waited so long. But when we decided to proceed, I turned to the internet to find out where to start. I explored a food number of search options and consultants and I became massively confused about the wide range of fees and the extreme range of search duration timelines. I was informed about (“…plan on up to a year” was a common refrain).

Everything changed when I got to Lisa’s straightforward website. And it changed even more when I got to talk to her. She was very prompt in following up on my inquiry. She was encouraging, supportive and very knowledgable. Her “No Find, No Fee” approach seemed almost too good to be true. The contract for services was direct, simple, and very user friendly. As a lawyer, I was particularly impressed by that. Once I got Lisa the relevant information so that she could commence working her magic, she delivered the stunning news that my son had been located within just 48 hours. 

But that was not the end. Rather, it was just the beginning. Lisa recommended great resources about handling the reunion process. She was there by phone and email at all hours and even on weekends. Her guidance about what to say, how to say it and when to say it has been absolutely invaluable. Her support and sense of humor have made a very emotionally charged endeavor about as pleasurable as it could possibly be.  

“For me, for us, this has been a very positive and magical experience. Lisa made it happen and she kept everything and everyone involved on track. My gratitude to her and my respect for her integrity and skill is immense and ongoing. I am deeply honored to recommend her. She will exceed your expectations in every way.”-Joseph McGee-Birth Father

Knowing that Lisa was adopted too made me feel completely at ease, I let myself be vulnerable with her about my traumatic adopted childhood and my reasons for searching for my birth family. She explained that even though my birth family was my blood they are in fact, strangers to me and to consider my true feelings behind my reasons to search for family. Having her honest opinion to my situations helped me understand myself more. Even though I was rejected, at first, as Lisa had warned could happen, the outcome was worth it.  My birth mother wrote me a letter apologizing because her husband had opened my letter and thought it best to protect her from the life-long battle of dealing with her own traumatic adulthood since she relinquished me. We are now like best friends. I can tell her anything and she makes me feel safe. Just like a mother should.”– Jessica, Adoptee

“I feel very sure in my recommendation of Lisa Robinson as a search consultant. I would offer her name to anyone I know who is seeking a family member who has been lost to them. Her skills, counseling abilities, her deep passion for the task, and of course, the fairness in her “No Find, No Fee” are unmatched, in my opinion. In my organizational roles in the adoption community I meet so many people who are searching or who are planning to search. It gives me great pleasure to put them in Lisa’s capable hands. I know that if the search goes well, their lives will be changed forever, and in so many good ways.”-Gene Sperring, Adopted Father