Non-Identifying Information

(Adoptees – When you contact a Searcher, please have this)

Non-Identifying information is something all searching adoptees are entitled to. This basic info contains the ages of birthparents, their places of birth, ages of siblings, ages of maternal and paternal grandparents, education of birthparents and circumstances surrounding the adoption itself. This information must be obtained IN WRITING from either the agency where the adoption took place, the court where the adoption was finalized or in some cases and states, Vital Statistics in that particular state. The adoptee MUST obtain the information themselves. No one else can write and request this FOR the adoptee. Non-identifying information can also be obtained by birthparents regarding their adopted child’s family (in writing) in most states.

NON-IDENTIFYING INFORMATION – An adoptive parent, adoptee, or birth parent may request non-identifying information from the court where the adoption was filed.

(Non-identifying information will NOT be provided over the telephone or by email.)

The Non-Identifying Adoption Information request will be reviewed by the Court and information approved or denied. Please be advised, not all adoption files contain the information below. Non-identifying information includes, but is not limited to, the following information about the birth parent, adoptive parents, and adoptee:

  • Age in years at the time of adoption;
  • Heritage, including nationality, ethnic background, and race;
  • Education, including number of years of school completed at the time of adoption,      but not name or location of school;
  • General physical appearance, including height, weight, color of hair, eyes, and skin, or other information of similar nature;
  • Religion;
  • Occupation, but not specific titles or places of employment;
  • Talents, hobbies, and special interests;
  • Circumstances leading to the adoption;
  • Medical and genetic history of birth parents
  • Possible first names
  • Other children of birth parents by age, sex, and medical history;
  • Extended family of birth parents by age, sex, and medical history;
  • The fact of the death, and age and cause, if known;
  • Photographs;
  • Name of agency or individual that facilitated the adoption.