9 Things to ask yourself before you start searching

1. Is this the right time in my life to start searching?

If you are in the middle of a big event in your life, planning a wedding, new or another baby due, this is probably not the right time to start a search.

2. Am I prepared, emotional, physically, mentally?

Make sure you prepare yourself for what you may or may not find. Talk to your spouse or a trusted friend for guidance and support.

3. Do I have a support system?

Do the people in your life support your search? Have a family meeting; make sure you include your adopted parents and siblings too. This will affect everyone in your life circle.

4. Ask yourself what are you searching for?

Do you want a relationship with your birth family? Do you want medical information? Or do you just want to know if they are still alive? These are some things to take into consideration before you begin your search.

5. Have you read up on any search and reunion books? Researched any support groups in your area.

If you need to find one close to you please contact me. Please see my link for “Recommended Reading” on this website.

6. Have you considered the repercussion for yourself, the people in your life or the people you are searching for?

This search and possible reunion is going to not only affect you it will affect everyone around you. Not only your friends and family but consider the people in the lives of the one you are searching for. You could be a secret and no one knows about you.

7. Am I prepared for rejection. Again?

We all have fantasy’s of where we came from and what type of people could they be but reality is they may not want to be found and you need to mentally prepare yourself for that possible rejection.

8. What if the person you are searching for wants more from the reunion than you do?

It is important to establish the type of relationship you want from the person(s) you seek before you begin the search process.

9. Am I prepared for unexpected information>

You need to take into consideration that who you are searching for could be very sick or worse, deceased, and you may never find what you are searching for. Although part of my services is finding the next of kin if the person I am searching for is found to be deceased.