How does it work?

  • Adoption Search California DOES NOT require that you know a name
  • Adoption Search California can help you get the non identifying report from the adoption agency. Such as the circumstances of your relinquishment and the physical descriptions, education, and occupations of the birth parent(s). Often information for aunts, uncles and grandparents will be found and provided to you in the closing report of the search. When searching for an adoptee I can help you request information about the date of birth and/or information about the adoptive family, such as names of the parents and siblings.
  • When your birth relative is located you will be provided with the current name of the birth parent, siblings, birth relative or relinquished child at the current address. You will NOT be given a USELESS list of people with similar names and ages at old addresses from outdated database source. ALL MY FINDINGS ARE CURRENT AND DOUBLE CHECKED FOR ACCURACY
  • The person that is located will be verified to the non-identifying information given to the social worker at the time of the relinquishment.

When you chose Adoption Search California to help in your search remember

  • There are no added costs to the search quote once the search starts
  • There may be a small non-refundable fee if the name is too common to cover initial preliminary search fees. This is deducted from the overall fee when the search is completed. Example $150 non refundable applied towards a search at $500.00 balance due would be $350.00 only if the search is successful do you pay the balance.
  • All searches are affordable, confidential and personalized for your individual search

If you are just beginning your search or your search is stalled I will review your search information at no charge and will give you a firm quote. Please call 1-805-712-5010 (PST) TODAY for your free phone consultation!