STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION (please be patient I’m new to this)

My name is Lisa Robinson and I was adopted at 6 months to a wonderful family who already had two boys. My birth mother kept me for the first 5 months of my life but then realized that she couldn’t give me the life she intended for me. She was only 15 and didn’t have any support from her family.  When I found her the first thing I did was thank her for giving me life and let her know I am who I am today because of her selfless action. After my (adopted) mother suddenly passed away at the age of 56, I remember saying to no one in particular, “another mother left me.” I had no idea why I had said that because for 29 years I really didn’t give my birth mother much thought. Not to be mean or offensive to her or other birth parents it’s just that I had an amazing childhood.  Plus I had become a great human in my adult life, if I say so myself. But deep down that fantasy of wondering where you came from and which royal duchess was your mother crept up out of nowhere.  I needed to start this journey.

After hitting so many brick walls searching for her on my own, I hired a professional searcher in 2007, Colleen Buckner, who successfully found my maternal grandmother, my birth aunt (pictured above) and birth mother. Colleen had been recently diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer and mentioned that she’d like to sell the business to me. She mentored me and took me under her wing and trained me with all the expertise she had developed since starting her search business in 1994. She was an adoptive mother and successfully found her daughter’s birth family. Months after I bought the business Colleen succumbed to the horrible cancer and my dedication to her legacy continues to this day.

So being an adoptee myself I will “get you”, you won’t have to search (pun intended) for words to try and make me understand your feelings of who you are and why you want to know. I get it! So call 805-712-5010, fill out a contact form or email me at thetriadsearcher@gmail.com


Member of the following organizations:

American Adoption Congress (AAC)          Concerned United Birth Mothers (CUB)
San Luis Obispo Genealogical Society        National Genealogical Society (NGS)

I have attended and presented workshops to several of the above adoption conferences, Genealogical seminars, family history events and currently studying American Genealogy with NGS to become a professional genealogist.